What does your attorney say about all of this harassment?

Need help

I knew of someone that bragged about doing this, until the guy was so fed up, he moved 2 1/2 hrs away and doesn’t visit his child; just sends the support.

This nut he was married to did everything possible to him and got by with it legally. Now she tells the child the father doesn’t care about her; when she was the one that caused him to stop visiting his daughter. If there isn’t a law on this sort of behavior, there should be.

Maybe turning the tables and hauling her into court for every inane thing might help. If the tables get turned, maybe she would wake up and smell the coffee.

Malicious prosecution

Need help

My divorce was final in Dec but I keep getting pulled back into court for things ranging from increases of child support to reductions in visitation. Is there anything that can be done to stop the harassment. My ex is using the CS to finance her latest attorney.

I don’t have an attorney and can’t afford one


I still owe 11,000.00 to the incompetent one I did have. Meanwhile my CS was increased to 1556.00 for two children in addition to trying to repay arrearage of 1700.00 over the course of 5 months in three payments of 600.00.

I’m in a negative cash flow at this point, hounded by creditors, and her 3rd attorney has served me with yet another barrage of interrogatories and request for production of documents and things.

We where in court again today, where her attorney filed a motion for a continuance of all issues until a August trial date. Divorce was final in Dec. of 99 and there is no end in sight.
I talked with a Magistrate today about filing charges of malicious prosecution against her stemming from a bogus assault and battery charge which was ultimately dropped. Apparently, in the Peoples Republic of Virginia, malicious prosecution charges can only be applied towards shoplifting and writing bad checks !?. I was referred to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. The Commonwealth Attorney referred me back to the Magistrate and the office of Criminal Investigation Division. Once at CID I filed a complaint against her, we’ll see what happens.

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This grandmother kidnapped her grand daughter. The police were called. She returned the child. The police refused to file charges against her (one of the officers was a relative).

In my eyes if you robbed a bank and then brought back the money an hour later, you would still be charged with the crime. I do not see that it is any different in this case.

Now three years later this woman is filing for custody of this child. Yet when we tried to get a copy of the police record, it did not exist. Who do we contact about this? Does anyone know.

The father has had sole custody of these two children for three years. The mother had abandoned them and agreed to give him custody. His mother in law started a case like this two years ago and dropped it. The father was harassed so much, he moved 750 miles away. Now she is tieing up the courts again with her nonsense. Is there anyway, the father can put a stop to this harassment?

If anyone knows please let me know thank you.

I am a new member


I just joined your club. I am a grandmother of six grandchildren. My son is going through an ordeal at the present time. My daughter and I are founders of two clubs one on msn “Single custodial father’s support group” and one on yahoo the parents against grandparent visitation.

We are hoping that we may be able to help other father’s in this cause.

It is especially disturbing to me, that males are discriminated against when it comes to rearing children. It can be done. As a matter of fact my son has done a much better job, than the mother could ever do.

It takes a person with much love, a lot of sacrificing of their own personal life. The main objective is the children’s welfare must come first.

It’s time for change!

Fathers rights

My name is Jerry Wells,I am a single dad from Roane County,Tennessee,dad of 6 children for ten years and the next day my life turned up side down and inside out!

Only after a very long hard fight with the child support office trying to get child support,My x was put in jail two times for not paying,then she takes revenge by saying I abuse my children.The children’s services was to blind to see why she did this,it was to avoid paying child support. The laws need to be changed to stop such a thing from happening false allegations of abuse can cause you so much trouble.

My children are now living in hell because of this woman not wanting to pay support and to get revenge on me. I am forming a New Tennessee fathers rights group in Tennessee,and hope for every one to please support my cause. thank you jerry wells,

If you want to go pro se

Going pro se

If you want to go pro se (without an attorney) you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the right form and have filled it out properly – you do not need to write a tome – just an outline of the facts.
  2. The form must be served upon the ex’s attorney or upon the ex if she no longer has an atty. If service is upon the ex and is by mail, make it certified, return receipt requested and regular mail (bring the green card to court or the notice that delivery was attempted but not made).
  3. Go to court on the hearing day with all relevant witnesses.

Tennessee Fathers rights

Fathers rights

As we see the problem of custody battles growing larger every day we stand idly by and do nothing. As we watch the woman build there groups that stand together for there rights and we sit and do nothing. We complain that our rights are being took and that the court system want give us a fair chance we do nothing.

I am working to change this and encourage all you to do the same, I am building a foundation for a new Fathers rights advocacy group in Tennessee and ask that all the people in Tennessee to join. We will stand together and back each other when our cases go to court. If you wish more information on this case please e mail me.

I am in need of serious help here

Need help

My husband is being denied any visitation with his daughter. His ex (never his wife I might add) has not brought his daughter to any visitation since the court order was put in place. We sent her a letter about it and got no response. The attorney general said the do not enforce visitation at all and our only recourse is to contact a private lawyer.

Since he is required to attend 4 supervise visits we cannot just show up at her house with the police and demand the child, the mother actually has to bring her to the center where the visits take place. Does anyone know who/where we can call to get the visitation enforced without contacting our 1500 dollars per breath lawyer? It costs us too much. We have already taken several no credit check loans from www.ElcLoans.com and would like to get the case closed asap. It takes to much nerves, efforts and money..

The police will not get involved AT ALL as they say it is a civil matter that they cannot get involved in. Any suggestions (or lawyer referrals) are welcome. We are in Houston. Thanks in advance. We have already prepared the form to file contempt on her but are more concerned with getting to see the child.

Filing a motion


Our wonderful “other parent” has violated the visitation schedule and won’t give us a phone number. How would we go about filing a motion to notify the court of the violation and/or a motion for contempt?

Our lawyer wants 1500 more dollars to file EACH motion. We’re broke and I think I can file a motion on my own, the violations are pretty clear cut. We even sent her a letter regarding the matter and she still missed te drop off time. Anyhow thanks in advance I know someone will answer me 🙂

Sorry but I feel that all this is a joke


How the hell is it that there are a few million of us and nothing has been changed yet? Really, if there is this so called gender bias, why hasn’t this been tackled yet? Why have we let ourselves go this far in being abused and degraded in front of our children? Dada2neo posted a second ago the stats sheet and it is appauling! Congress knows these are actual facts, some from the government themselves and NO ONE HAS BROUGHT THIS TO THEIR F*&(#ng ATTENTION!

When is the big day going to happen? When can I tell Ethan, my son that it is safe again for him to have kids and not worry about becoming some cruel womans’ slave? I am not joking… I almost lost my life because of this divorce and there won’t be a next time…

Hi every one


I haven’t been around much but I would like to suggest to the members here. That the internet is a great tool for communicating ideas. I have taken the battle to other forums such as political clubs and agued successfully and have managed to gain some support for the cause of our group.

I think that we all agree that the mind set of society has got to change in order to make the changes necessary for good of our children.

So take up the fight in the other clubs show them the proof.

Yeah, let’s petition

Family laws

That’s what I’m thinking: let’s rattle Congress’s windows until they do something. We’re the most silent oppressed group in the country.

I’m going to hold a very visible, LOUD public demonstration here in Birmingham on Father’s Day. It may only be my brother-in-law and me holding candles and wearing our children’s pictures on our chests, but it’s got to start somewhere.

why not? we have our kids to lose out of all this mess. the more money the x’s get, the more power and control they have over our lives. until the power is taken away, we will not have control of our lives. money is their power. the law makes it beneficial for women to divorce. #1.. they get the kids #2.. they keep their entire income #3… they get half your income #4… the man, 90% of the time, has to absorb the community debt.. so why not divorce?

the law needs to benefit the children. the children only. if the law continues to stay the same, it gives the women the right NOT to have to work to earn a living, but to continuously battle the system for more income from the fathers, so that they can remain the “stay-at-home-moms”…

My son is in tabuco canyon


At the time of his 5th grade, i was not allowed ANY access to my sons’ records, nor was i made aware of his troubling records. before we split, he was a b/c student. it was never brought to my attention that there was a problem. in fact, when i asked my son if he was doing his homework, he said yes, and the mother backed him up. UNTIL the teacher sent me a copy of his last report.

ALL D’S AND F’S… we went to court in September, she told the judge that she did not want me involved in their education. judge told her to put her tv’s in the garage. now 45% of his grades are d’s and f’s… next hearing in 2 weeks. still cant get a copy of 5th grades progress reports….

Child Support Extortion

Child support

extortionHi all keep up the long and bitter fight! I was at NYC child enforcement today to dispute the arrears I owed, with their proof in hand that I had payed over the amount of the already ludacrist support award to her. Even though THEY showed me that I did indeed pay over the amount, they are keeping it for any lapses in payment in the future. They WONT acknowledge that I payed over the amount, and I’ll have to keep checking in the future to see if it goes through.

I lost a day of work for this. 17 percent is what they take in NY before taxes, and the way they set up customer service is to provoke arguments as I saw a lot of that today in there. If any of my employees spoke to any customers that way I would have them thrown out by the cops.

Anyone game to start a lawsuit, or petition En-Masse our congressmen the way womens’ groups have, to get the damn child support orders etc they have hoisted upon us changed? I hear all this SH*% from millions of guys but no action…

California- court today

Child support

Back in December 2015, the 4 of us sat down at the table and came to an agreement. Well today, the X and her attorney, acted like they had no idea what we were talikng about. No writing, no agreement. So, today the X wants a quarter million dollars, and for me to pay HER bills, me to keep OUR bills, and to pay her attorney fees. And she refused to sign the paperwork from December granting me my single status. So, if the judge already honored my single status in December, then how do I get DIVORCED?

I am being told, that until SHE, the X, signs the paperwork, I am NOT divorced. How can that be? As for the 1/4 million dollars, she wants my retirement AFTER I retire. The X claims that my retirement would be worth that much and she wants it ALL> When we split in August 2014, her half came to 35,000. Well she wants it later and all. AS IF we were still married for that many more years. SOOOO EVERY single issue is going to be a full blown battle. She REFUSED to settle on anything. I am still fighting for full custody. And she wants SOLE legal custody. And to lower my 32% visitations. Just so you know, we are still working with the temporary orders from December 2014.

They have successfully delayed all hearings relating to child visitation and support issues… WHEW!!!! what a day…

Child got off the school-bus

Child custody
  1. Child got off the school-bus and went to the neighbors for babysitting. My Mom, yes, Grandma, from out of state, went to say hi, more than a hug was not allowed, and retrieve the school violin. Neighbor tussled Grandma for violin in front of the child; neighbor called the police, police said “it would be a fine thing if you landed in jail from out of state wouldn’t it?” Cop asked for violin receipt after threatening 5’0″ Grandma, Grandma returns home, gets receipt, produces for cop. Cop says well Mom has custody (she was not there, only the neighbor was) so she retains violin. Family connection to child insignificant, no custody paperwork produced except for ownership of violin which cop ignored after asking for it. Who can you call if the police are totally biased? A cop?
  2. 2nd kidnapping by Mom (there have been 3), I produced paperwork demonstrating my physical custody of the child. Supervisor cop (I had the beat cop call the sergeant) would not honor the paperwork because the official seal was not on the paperwork. Moreover, his reasoning was its getting late and we don’t want to disturb the Mom; after all, its the Mom who is watching the child. Who can you call if the police are so biased?

Police Officer’s Position on Custody

Custody order, Police

policeSometime back I was asked to give a Police Officer’s position when dealing with child custody issues. First as a officer we are told not to choose sides, sometimes its hard when you are talking about a child. We look at any and all current visitation orders on file with the courts. If no order is in effect then there’s really nothing legally that we as officer’s can do.

There must be some sort of custody/visitation order in affect for us to take any kind of action. We don’t like to get into the middle of family issues because of the sensitive nature of this topic. If there is a violation of the order then the parent involved can and should ask for assistance from his or her local department.

This way there a third party involved that can resolve and defuse and tense situations that may arise. Keep a diary of the events that happen so that when you return to court for any reason you have accurate records to use. I hope this helps some and answers questions that you may have. If there’s anything else I can do please let me know. Please keep in mind that every department is different and local policies differ.

I got a letter today

Child support

I got a letter today. My ex is giving up the bank account of $25,000.00 plus interests, she has to pay back the money she took plus interest from the date she took the money.

So now I am current in child-support. The money stays in the bank, earns interest. Because the order came from another court, the current court has no jurisdiction to order it available to my ex, because she originally agreed to this… I WIN!!!