Child got off the school-bus

Child custody
  1. Child got off the school-bus and went to the neighbors for babysitting. My Mom, yes, Grandma, from out of state, went to say hi, more than a hug was not allowed, and retrieve the school violin. Neighbor tussled Grandma for violin in front of the child; neighbor called the police, police said “it would be a fine thing if you landed in jail from out of state wouldn’t it?” Cop asked for violin receipt after threatening 5’0″ Grandma, Grandma returns home, gets receipt, produces for cop. Cop says well Mom has custody (she was not there, only the neighbor was) so she retains violin. Family connection to child insignificant, no custody paperwork produced except for ownership of violin which cop ignored after asking for it. Who can you call if the police are totally biased? A cop?
  2. 2nd kidnapping by Mom (there have been 3), I produced paperwork demonstrating my physical custody of the child. Supervisor cop (I had the beat cop call the sergeant) would not honor the paperwork because the official seal was not on the paperwork. Moreover, his reasoning was its getting late and we don’t want to disturb the Mom; after all, its the Mom who is watching the child. Who can you call if the police are so biased?