Child Support Extortion

Child support

extortionHi all keep up the long and bitter fight! I was at NYC child enforcement today to dispute the arrears I owed, with their proof in hand that I had payed over the amount of the already ludacrist support award to her. Even though THEY showed me that I did indeed pay over the amount, they are keeping it for any lapses in payment in the future. They WONT acknowledge that I payed over the amount, and I’ll have to keep checking in the future to see if it goes through.

I lost a day of work for this. 17 percent is what they take in NY before taxes, and the way they set up customer service is to provoke arguments as I saw a lot of that today in there. If any of my employees spoke to any customers that way I would have them thrown out by the cops.

Anyone game to start a lawsuit, or petition En-Masse our congressmen the way womens’ groups have, to get the damn child support orders etc they have hoisted upon us changed? I hear all this SH*% from millions of guys but no action…

California- court today

Child support

Back in December 2015, the 4 of us sat down at the table and came to an agreement. Well today, the X and her attorney, acted like they had no idea what we were talikng about. No writing, no agreement. So, today the X wants a quarter million dollars, and for me to pay HER bills, me to keep OUR bills, and to pay her attorney fees. And she refused to sign the paperwork from December granting me my single status. So, if the judge already honored my single status in December, then how do I get DIVORCED?

I am being told, that until SHE, the X, signs the paperwork, I am NOT divorced. How can that be? As for the 1/4 million dollars, she wants my retirement AFTER I retire. The X claims that my retirement would be worth that much and she wants it ALL> When we split in August 2014, her half came to 35,000. Well she wants it later and all. AS IF we were still married for that many more years. SOOOO EVERY single issue is going to be a full blown battle. She REFUSED to settle on anything. I am still fighting for full custody. And she wants SOLE legal custody. And to lower my 32% visitations. Just so you know, we are still working with the temporary orders from December 2014.

They have successfully delayed all hearings relating to child visitation and support issues… WHEW!!!! what a day…

I got a letter today

Child support

I got a letter today. My ex is giving up the bank account of $25,000.00 plus interests, she has to pay back the money she took plus interest from the date she took the money.

So now I am current in child-support. The money stays in the bank, earns interest. Because the order came from another court, the current court has no jurisdiction to order it available to my ex, because she originally agreed to this… I WIN!!!