What does your attorney say about all of this harassment?

Need help

I knew of someone that bragged about doing this, until the guy was so fed up, he moved 2 1/2 hrs away and doesn’t visit his child; just sends the support.

This nut he was married to did everything possible to him and got by with it legally. Now she tells the child the father doesn’t care about her; when she was the one that caused him to stop visiting his daughter. If there isn’t a law on this sort of behavior, there should be.

Maybe turning the tables and hauling her into court for every inane thing might help. If the tables get turned, maybe she would wake up and smell the coffee.

Malicious prosecution

Need help

My divorce was final in Dec but I keep getting pulled back into court for things ranging from increases of child support to reductions in visitation. Is there anything that can be done to stop the harassment. My ex is using the CS to finance her latest attorney.

I am in need of serious help here

Need help

My husband is being denied any visitation with his daughter. His ex (never his wife I might add) has not brought his daughter to any visitation since the court order was put in place. We sent her a letter about it and got no response. The attorney general said the do not enforce visitation at all and our only recourse is to contact a private lawyer.

Since he is required to attend 4 supervise visits we cannot just show up at her house with the police and demand the child, the mother actually has to bring her to the center where the visits take place. Does anyone know who/where we can call to get the visitation enforced without contacting our 1500 dollars per breath lawyer? It costs us too much. We have already taken several no credit check loans from www.ElcLoans.com and would like to get the case closed asap. It takes to much nerves, efforts and money..

The police will not get involved AT ALL as they say it is a civil matter that they cannot get involved in. Any suggestions (or lawyer referrals) are welcome. We are in Houston. Thanks in advance. We have already prepared the form to file contempt on her but are more concerned with getting to see the child.