Need Some Answers


This grandmother kidnapped her grand daughter. The police were called. She returned the child. The police refused to file charges against her (one of the officers was a relative).

In my eyes if you robbed a bank and then brought back the money an hour later, you would still be charged with the crime. I do not see that it is any different in this case.

Now three years later this woman is filing for custody of this child. Yet when we tried to get a copy of the police record, it did not exist. Who do we contact about this? Does anyone know.

The father has had sole custody of these two children for three years. The mother had abandoned them and agreed to give him custody. His mother in law started a case like this two years ago and dropped it. The father was harassed so much, he moved 750 miles away. Now she is tieing up the courts again with her nonsense. Is there anyway, the father can put a stop to this harassment?

If anyone knows please let me know thank you.

Police Officer’s Position on Custody

Custody order, Police

policeSometime back I was asked to give a Police Officer’s position when dealing with child custody issues. First as a officer we are told not to choose sides, sometimes its hard when you are talking about a child. We look at any and all current visitation orders on file with the courts. If no order is in effect then there’s really nothing legally that we as officer’s can do.

There must be some sort of custody/visitation order in affect for us to take any kind of action. We don’t like to get into the middle of family issues because of the sensitive nature of this topic. If there is a violation of the order then the parent involved can and should ask for assistance from his or her local department.

This way there a third party involved that can resolve and defuse and tense situations that may arise. Keep a diary of the events that happen so that when you return to court for any reason you have accurate records to use. I hope this helps some and answers questions that you may have. If there’s anything else I can do please let me know. Please keep in mind that every department is different and local policies differ.