Child Support Extortion

Child support

extortionHi all keep up the long and bitter fight! I was at NYC child enforcement today to dispute the arrears I owed, with their proof in hand that I had payed over the amount of the already ludacrist support award to her. Even though THEY showed me that I did indeed pay over the amount, they are keeping it for any lapses in payment in the future. They WONT acknowledge that I payed over the amount, and I’ll have to keep checking in the future to see if it goes through.

I lost a day of work for this. 17 percent is what they take in NY before taxes, and the way they set up customer service is to provoke arguments as I saw a lot of that today in there. If any of my employees spoke to any customers that way I would have them thrown out by the cops.

Anyone game to start a lawsuit, or petition En-Masse our congressmen the way womens’ groups have, to get the damn child support orders etc they have hoisted upon us changed? I hear all this SH*% from millions of guys but no action…