I don’t have an attorney and can’t afford one


I still owe 11,000.00 to the incompetent one I did have. Meanwhile my CS was increased to 1556.00 for two children in addition to trying to repay arrearage of 1700.00 over the course of 5 months in three payments of 600.00.

I’m in a negative cash flow at this point, hounded by creditors, and her 3rd attorney has served me with yet another barrage of interrogatories and request for production of documents and things.

We where in court again today, where her attorney filed a motion for a continuance of all issues until a August trial date. Divorce was final in Dec. of 99 and there is no end in sight.
I talked with a Magistrate today about filing charges of malicious prosecution against her stemming from a bogus assault and battery charge which was ultimately dropped. Apparently, in the Peoples Republic of Virginia, malicious prosecution charges can only be applied towards shoplifting and writing bad checks !?. I was referred to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. The Commonwealth Attorney referred me back to the Magistrate and the office of Criminal Investigation Division. Once at CID I filed a complaint against her, we’ll see what happens.