Yeah, let’s petition

Family laws

That’s what I’m thinking: let’s rattle Congress’s windows until they do something. We’re the most silent oppressed group in the country.

I’m going to hold a very visible, LOUD public demonstration here in Birmingham on Father’s Day. It may only be my brother-in-law and me holding candles and wearing our children’s pictures on our chests, but it’s got to start somewhere.

why not? we have our kids to lose out of all this mess. the more money the x’s get, the more power and control they have over our lives. until the power is taken away, we will not have control of our lives. money is their power. the law makes it beneficial for women to divorce. #1.. they get the kids #2.. they keep their entire income #3… they get half your income #4… the man, 90% of the time, has to absorb the community debt.. so why not divorce?

the law needs to benefit the children. the children only. if the law continues to stay the same, it gives the women the right NOT to have to work to earn a living, but to continuously battle the system for more income from the fathers, so that they can remain the “stay-at-home-moms”…